“Chicken. Film. Youth” — The Sun (2nd place in the 2022 Zoetrope Short Fiction Contest)
“Zeroes:Ones” The Adroit Journal
“The Omen”— The Margins
“Monitor World”   — Shenandoah (see: author’s note)
“We Were There” — Witness
“Seagull Village” — Pleiades (Pushcart Prize nominee)
“The Virtuoso” — Hyphen
“Wild Oranges” — 
The Common


“Common Time” —  The Massachusetts Review   (Pushcart Prize nominee)
“As borders closed, I became trapped in my Americanness” — The Long Read at the Guardian (audio version)
“Headbanging in Japan: Visual kei then and now” — Gay
“Ophelia and After: Inventing the Lonely Literary Woman” — Lit Hub


“Izu, 2016” and “But Rain is Falling”   Sine Theta (print)
“Mood Stabilier (Whisper of the Heart)”   ZYZZYVA (print)
“Bad Season” Brazenhead Review (print)
“No Stone in It” — Sundog Lit
“Selections from ‘Garden Views,’” “[That night is a flesh of its own kind],” “Landscape Study with Cloud and Saturen Return”  mercury firs
“Meditations on the Discovery of Green,” “Kitchen Study of Early Adulthood” — wildness
“Animal, Look,” “Even though, when I shut my eyes, I still can’t see myself,” and “On the anniversary of my grandfather’s death in a Hefei hospital” —  B O D Y
“I Guess” and “Dream with Lamp and Belly”  Couplet Poetry
“Vinegar Ceremony”   Honey Literary (nominated for Best of the Net)
“[My grandfather walked in the snow]” Four Way Review (see also: Poetry Daily)
“Locheequat” — The Margins
“How to Read Poetry While Drinking Monster Alone in a Dimly Lit Cubicle” — Okay Donkey

“Fires” — Zocalo Public Square
“Divining Poem for A Quarantine Night” Bitter Melon
“A Girl On the Shore” b l u s h
“Two Poems”Wax Nine
“Dispatch from Hiroshima” — Glass: A Journal of Poetry
“Strawberries” — The Florida Review


Review of Han Kang’s Greek Lessons Boston Globe
“A Cold Season” by Jin Yucheng (Mandarin to English) — Asymptote 
“6 NYC-Based Asian Tattoo Artists Evolving Tattoo Culture” —  Vogue